Psico by Old Boy David Wardale

Psico by Old Boy David Wardale
17th June 2013 Wendy Dossett

PsiCo is a book written by Loughborough writer and old boy David Wardale. It is an exciting thriller about a teenage boy with special skills who becomes involved in the secret dark world of government intelligence. You can find out more information here.


Psico; David Wardale- Review by Ethan Stratford

Upon being asked to read PsiCo, a new spy novel wrote by LGS Old Boy David Wardale I had no clue what the book would be like, not the faintest clue as to what the plot or storyline would be like, but just after reading the prologue I found that I was going to be in for a heart racing, fast moving novel. And I have to admit, it did not disappoint me, the book was about as fast paced as I’ve ever read, and David constantly keeps the reader on the edge with each page: the prologue alone made me curious and inquisitive as to what the rest of the pages would hold.

A key in any spy novel, be it one of Fleming’s or Le Carre’s, Childers or Higson’s, is to shroud the true incentive of the plot until the very last minute; to include so many twists and turns within the narrative that the reader is so clueless as to what the tail involves they find excitement just picking up the book. Wardale has not failed to impress here and with modern day readers demanding such a fast pace of narrative compared to how it was in Fleming’s day it is a rare skill for authors now to produce a strong story arc that is interesting but also fast paced.

The only criticism I hold of the book is that I wish Danny’s character were explored a little more, his conflicting views of trust are made apparent, but not delved into deep enough. Making the protagonist a teenager is a risky move; one I think Wardale has pulled off, but I think fear and trust issues should be a stronger theme throughout the book as a whole.

But that being said for a first novel I think Wardale has done tremendously well, and I look forward to reading more of his future books as his writing will no doubt flourish.