Year 6 Magazine Reviews

Year 6 Magazine Reviews
23rd June 2016 Wendy Dossett

Over the holiday I read “The Simpsons: Bart’s Treehouse of Horrors”. It is full of hilarious fake ads, based on movies/ books etc. It is full of interesting, varied stories that are a joy to read by Matthew Younger.

Over the holiday I reviewed Game Master magazine. The front page doesn’t tell you what page the game is on the front, but I liked the design a lot. All together a very exiting magazine by Joe Varley.

Over the holiday I read Game Master 51 best games 2015. It made me want to by all the games. I would recommend it to people who want to buy some games but do not know what to buy. I really want to know what are the best games of 2016 by Luca Patel.

Over the holiday, I read Games Master 300th Anniversary Issue

There’s games that changed the world, games to buy now and years into the future (according to video games). There’s reviews, previews and recommendations just for you. It’s absolutely incredible by Alexander Nelson.

Over the holiday I reviewed Simpsorama. This comic magazine is absolutely fantastic because it is very funny, I can assure you that this book will make you laugh a lot! It has lots of different funny stories and (because it’s a magazine) advertises other Simpsons so you can have more laughs! By Adam Marsh.

The book I reviewed Games Master: Star Wars Battlefront (reference only).

This is an incredible book from Games Master. It includes articles reviews, previews, pictures, interviews, tips and tricks. They help you pick and choose games by Rishi Kotecha.

Over the half term holiday I read a games master 2015. It is a reference only magazine. It had the best games from 2015. It has a really cool poster in it by Sam Joy.

Over the half term I reviewed a brilliant magazine called The Green Arrow. It was about an archer called Green Arrow fighting a monster who built a robot girl to help him. Soon he fell in love with her. It was a wacky but interesting magazine. The terrible thing was that a quarter of it was full of adverts. By Drewv Jaitly.

Over the holiday I reviewed Justice League Trinity Flash Forward!

I didn’t  enjoy this because the pictures are too confusing that I didn’t understand it also because it is mid way through the series by Tom Hopkins.

Over the holiday I reviewed Batman ( Dark Night ) magazine. I recommend this magazine because it is full of action, really exiting I just can’t wait to tern the page and the illustrations are amazing! By Oliver Cunliffe.

Over the holidays I read the Marvel Comics Magazine. It made me want to read the next issue of the magazine. It also give gives you a sneak peek. It is fantastic because it had enough adverts to not be annoying by Sean Bence.

Over the holiday I read “GameMaster” magazine. I thought it gave excellent information about a wide selection of games. My favourite game in the magazine was Overwatch, it gave a brilliant explanation of the game. I would recommend this magazine! By Ben Aissaoui- Helcke.

Over the holidays I reviewed ‘The GameMaster’ it is outstanding and doesn’t include a lot of adverts,it has articles about amazing games and has brilliant pictures for each game by Ali Abdelrahim.

Over the holidays I read a “GameMaster” (reference only) magazine. In my opinion, it was a little vague and monotonous. The articles weren’t very enticing and the “Tips & Tricks” weren’t revealing any skills by Ahmed Abu-Median.