Sixth Form

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Recommended Oxbridge Reading Lists

Cambridge University Book Lists by subject can be found by clicking on this link.

Cambridge University Natural Sciences reading list can be found here.


Oxford University Book Lists by subject can be found by clicking on the following links.

Biological Sciences



Computer Science






History and Politics



Medical and Biomedical Sciences

Philosophy (in Physics and Philosophy)

Philosophy, Politics and Economics



Biology – suggested reading

518Q9YSJQ4L51BS4ZZUYPLthe blind watchmakerever since darwinin the blood 2the descent of mengenomethe red queennature via nurturethe common threadthe seven daughters of eveadams cursedouble helixdna the secret of lifethe diversity of life

Zoology                               Physiology                           Ecological

my life with chimpsin the shadow of man   the private life of the brainthe human mind   the revenge of gaiaplanetary medicine


symbiotic planetpower sex

Chemistry – suggested reading

six easy pieceschemistry of life 2cholesterol conwhy chemical reactions happenin search of catuncle tungsten

Economics – suggested reading

23 Thingsadaptart of strategyassumptions economists makecarbon crunchdevelopment as freedomend this depressiongame theoryhow markets failthe return of the mastermade in britainmakers the new industrial revolutionpaper promisespoor economicspositive linkinghonest truthbig shortthe body economiceconomics of enoughidea of justiceplundered planetquest for prosperitysignal and the noisethinking fast and slowtiger headwhat money can't buywhen the money runs outwhy nations failwordly philosophers

English – suggested reading


dublinersbrave new worldwe1984catch 22one flew over the cuckoo's nestbelovednice workposession

emmafrankensteinvanity fairSybilwuthering heightsadam bedegreat expectationsreturn of the native

gulliver's travelstristram shandyrasselasiliadhomervirgilovid


midsummer nights dreamromeo and juliethamletas you like ittwelfth night king learThe Tempest


songs and sonnetssonnetsparadise lostepistleelegylyrical ballads

Keatstennyson browninghopkinst s eliotyeatslarkin 1larkin 2

plathheaney 1forsterlodgefry

Geography – suggested reading

CollapseCoralwonderful lifehomo britannicusgoldilocks planetmapping the deep10 billioneruptions that shook the world

History – suggested reading

Dr. Walker’s recommendations ….

The Cult of the SaintsMachiavelliChilvarythe carolingsians2History of the Peloponnesian WarInventing the Middle Ages

Dr. McKay’s recommendations ….

Ordinary MenThe Destruction of the European JewsMan in the High CastleImagined CommunitiesThe Social Contract

Mr Blackman’s recommendations ….

The Swervebury my heart3The Voices of MorebathThe Whites of their eyesDistance of the Patriots1775

Mr Murphy’s recommendations ….

The American War VietnamField MarshallVirtual HistoryMaster and CommanderGuns Germs and Steel

Mr Dowsett’s recommendations ….

Heart of a DogThe WhisperersWild SwansThe Communist ManifestoThe Mediterranean

Mathematics – suggested reading

Recreational Mathematics

collosal book of mathsgame set and math

General Mathematics

pleasures of countingnumbers and proofsan intro to mathematical reasoningeternal gold braidmatehmatical experience 2book of numbersgamma

Theoretical Physics
lectureslectures 2lectures 3QEDcosmic onionjust 6 numbersthe constants of naturethe fabric of reality


vector analysis

Structural Engineering


Biographies and Historical

alan turingmusic of the primeswhy beauty is truth

Natural Sciences – suggested reading

how we live and why we diethe ancestor's talethe goldilocks planetmade to measure new materials for the 21st centurythe spark of lifeeasy mathematics for biologists

Physics – suggested reading

Astrophysics and cosmology

A Level Twitter List

brief history of timeuniverse in a nutshellelegant universe3 roads to quantum gravityblack holesthe first 3 minutesjust 6 numbersthe big banghyperspaceroad to realitythe fabric of realityfifth essence

Quantum Physics

in search of catschrodinger's kittensQEDnew quantum universequantum theory cannot hurt youquantum


special relativityrelativityspacetime physicswhy does e=does god play dicechaos


lectureslectures 2lectures 3six easy pieces six not so easy piecesa short history of nearly everythinghidden unity

Historical and Casual Reads

great physicists surely you're jokingthe pleasure of finding

Politics – suggested reading

The Coalition EffectThe Globilization of World PoliticsUS Foreign Policy and Democracy PromotionThe Politicos Guide to the New House of CommonsThe End of the PartyThe Conservative PartyBlair UNboundA History of the British Labour PartyHow Politics WorksPolitics UKAfter Hope and ChangeAmerican Politics and SocietyDevelopments in American PoliticsThe Untold History of the United StatesNo One Left to Lie Todays of decision 2A Short History of the Liberal PartyRevolt on the Right


Higher Education


businessdental schoolengineering courseslaw medical schooloxford and cambpsychologyus and american unisvet school

ukcat 600+ ukcatdentistry interviewucas statement

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